University of Global Health Equity

Building on Partners in Health‘s three decades of delivery experience, the University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) is an innovative university focused on the delivery of health care. Launched in 2015, the Master of Science in Global Health Delivery (MGHD) is the University of Global Health Equity’s (UGHE) flagship academic program. By redefining the movement for health equity and challenging students to not only create, but to demand, sustainable solutions for service delivery, UGHE is building a new generation of health leaders. Watch as faculty and students describe what makes the MGHD experience unique and how UGHE is harnessing the potential of young global health leaders in Rwanda and across the world.

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Watch a video on the Master of Science in Global Health Delivery (MGHD)

Partners In Health

Partners In Health’s mission is to provide a preferential option for the poor in health care. PIH strives to bring the benefits of modern medical science to those most in need of them and to serve as an antidote to despair. PIH works in many countries around the world including Rwanda, Haiti, Lesotho, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Malawi, Peru, Mexico, Russia, Kazakhstan, and the Navajo Nation.

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Harvard University Harvard Medical School, Department of Global Health and Social Medicine

The Department of Global Health and Social Medicine applies social science and humanities research to constantly improve the practice of medicine, the delivery of treatment, and the development of health care policies locally and worldwide. Major efforts include developing the science of global health delivery implementation; advancing equity in health care delivery; and educating students and researchers on biosocial determinants of disease, health care delivery, and responsible practice of medicine. The Department is the central structure to help organize global health activities, especially medical education experiences, at Harvard Medical School.

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Dartmouth College Geisel School of Medicine, The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice

The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice works to improve patient care by researching how health care systems are performing and using that information to develop new models for health care delivery and payment.

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On Twitter, I post about updates in Rwanda’s health sector, my perspectives on health and human rights and how governance affects health, I also interact directly with students, journalists, patients, policymakers and citizens.

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The Rockefeller Foundation

The Rockefeller Foundation seeks to inspire and foster large-scale human impact that promotes the well-being of humanity throughout the world by identifying and accelerating breakthrough solutions, ideas and conversations.

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Clearly is a UK-based charity which aims to educate both the public and world leaders on the need for, and benefits of, sight tests and glasses being as widely available as possible.

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THINK 20 – Research and policy advise network for G20

The T20 is an official Engagement Group of the G20, bringing together leading global think tanks and research centres. It serves as the ‘ideas bank’ of the G20 and aims at providing research-based policy recommendations to the G20 policymakers. 

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The Commonwealth Road Safety Initiative

The Commonwealth road safety initiative is developing a framework for road injury prevention in Commonwealth countries aiming to halve deaths and serious injuries from road crashes by 2030. The CRSI addresses the action needed to prevent a decade of predictable and preventable death and serious injury on the roads of Commonwealth countries.

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Health and Human Rights Journal

Health and Human Rights is an international journal dedicated to scholarship and praxis that advance health as an issue of fundamental human rights and social justice. It seeks to provide a forum for academics, practitioners and activists from public health, human rights and related fields to explore how rights-based approaches to health can be implemented in practice. In so doing, it contributes to fostering a global movement for health and human rights.

Health and Human Rights Journal

Joint Learning Initiative on Children and AIDS (LICA)

JLICA was a network of policy-makers, practitioners, community leaders, researchers, and people living with HIV that was launched in 2006 and worked for over two years to assess the vulnerability of children in an age of HIV/AIDS worldwide. It was co-chaired by Peter Bell and Dr. Agnes Binagwaho.

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Exchange of Knowledge and Best Practices

We need create and use tools for networking to exchange knowledge and practices at all levels of the health sector. This is key to making decisions and accelerating progress in health and development. Click on links below to see various websites that support networking and knowledge exchange in the global health community.

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Health is a Basic Human Right

The Government of Rwanda considers health as a basic human right, and I’m proud to serve such a government. It is in this regard that I value the Health and Human Rights (HHR) Open Forum. I advise you to visit that website.

Health and Human Rights Open Forum

Educate a Woman is to Educate the Current and Next Generations

When women come together and convince people to make the world better, we all make progress. I advise you to visit the website of Disruptive Women in Health Care.

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Consortium of Universities for Global Health

CUGH supports academic institutions and partners to improve the wellbeing of people and the planet through education, research, service, and advocacy. As a member of the CUGH board of directors, I advise you to visit their website to learn more about the role of academic institutions to improve equitable health care delivery.

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Wellcome Trust Global Monitor

The Wellcome Trust supports science to solve health care challenges around the world. In 2018, the Wellcome Global Monitor 2018 was published, this is an Africa toolkit shows how people in 40 African countries think and feel about science and healthcare. I advise you to visit their visit and also read the Wellcome Global Monitor 2018.

Wellcome Trust

Wellcome Trust Global Monitor 2018

International COVID-19 Data Research Alliance (ICODA)

The International COVID-19 Data Research Alliance acts as an accelerator on the uniting of and access to COVID-19 data internationally to enable discoveries that will improve people’s lives on every continent.  Our focus is to create resources that scientists around the world can leverage to lead their own projects for gaining insight on COVID-19.

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The African Academy of Sciences (AAS)

The African Academy of Sciences aims to transform lives on the continent through science. AAS Fellows and Affiliates are distinguished researchers who represent the continent’s talent and promising men and women from across the globe. I encourage you to visit their website.

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National Academy of Medicine, United States

The National Academy of Medicine aims to improve health for all by “advancing science, accelerating health equity, and providing independent, authoritative, and trusted advice nationally and globally.”

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